Case Study Birkenstock Cosmetics

Birkenstock Cosmetics

The task

Construction of the new natural cosmetics product division “Birkenstock Cosmetics”

The construction of the new product division in the field of natural cosmetics is to be implemented in a holistic operational manner: from the product idea to delivery, all WOPIS needed to run like clockwork. The main focus was on product management, including product production.

Birkenstock has appointed opexxia for holistic program management of this task. As part of the contract, department collaborations were reorganised from an operational point of view, milestone plans were introduced, as was progress documentation.

Concrete implementation examples along the WOPIS* – excerpt:

  • Workflows – introduction of clear workflows in Idea2Product processes between internal and external organisational units
  • Organisation – establishment of clear remit between internal departments in order to avoid redundancies and gaps, design of an organisational concept for an independent division within the Group
  • Processes – setting up and implementing Idea2Product processes and documenting and manufacturing the transparency of progress within processes
  • Interfaces – setting up and implementing interfaces between internal and external systems
  • Systems – introduction of a project management system


Birkenstock Cosmetics now sells 25 products and is working hard to further expand its product range. A natural success story!